Discovery Village Academy: Cornelius Preschool

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Our Teachers

Can you recall the name, the appearance and even the personality of some of your early childhood school teachers? If you answered yes, you are typical because they left a lasting impression on most people.

What made them memorable to us? The best teachers seem to thoroughly enjoy their work and tend and to have certain natural abilities or talents that lend themselves to the teaching profession.

When we are young we don’t understand their length of service, their degrees or certificates or the effort it took to plan lessons that our teachers brought to the classroom. What we remember is how we felt about the classroom experience and how we were treated by the teacher.

Gallup (famous for their polls) has spent many years and has done extensive research to determine what qualities a great teacher must have to produce successful students. They have concluded that for students to achieve meaningful, lasting success in the classroom and beyond, they must be emotionally engaged in the educational experience. This means teachers must focus on students’ hope, engagement, and well-being — the predictors Gallup has discovered matter the most.

At Discovery Village Academy we are aware of the latest educational theories but our goals and decisions always focus on the student’s experiences and outcomes. The Primary goal is to prepare each child to thrive in the first years of elementary school academically and socially. The habits and perspectives that a child learns in the early years have a great impact on how they will perform and act throughout their life. A feeling of self-worth and confidence prepare them to take on the uncertainty and challenges which all will face as they mature.

The process begins by:

1. Hiring And Developing Talented Teachers

2. Identifying The Strengths Of Each Individual Student

3. Creating Engaging Learning Environments For Each Child

These steps are critical to foster long-term student success in the classroom and in future endeavors.